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Templates for Mathematics Formative Assessment- Volume 2: 50 more Strategies for Linking Assessment, INstruction, and Learning

Click on a link below to download a template for selected FACTs from the book. Most of these templates are provided in Microsoft Word so that you can customize them for your instructional or assessment purpose. The font used for the templates is Arial or Verdana. If you do not have these fonts, the formatting may differ.

Feedback Sandwich, FACT #12, pages 74-77

Find Someone Who, FACT #13, pages 78-81

Group Frayer Model, FACT #18, pages 97-102

Group Talk Feedback, FACT #19, pages 103-106

Learning Intentions Reflection, FACT #25, pages 124-127

Partner Strategy Rounds, FACT#29, pages 142-145

Plus-Delta, FACT #30, pages 146-148

PMI (Plus-Minus-Interesting), FACT #31, pages 149-153

Questioning Cue Cards, FACT #32, pages 154-156

Reflect Then Self-Assess, FACT #36, pages 169-171

Slide Sort, FACT #39, pages 179-182

X Marks the Spot, FACT #50, pages 221-224

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